Friday, August 19, 2011

Wattpad Review: Fearless by SecretKeeper

Wattpad story ‘Fearless’ written by SecretKeeper is an adventure/humor story about a girl named Payton who is shipped off to a “girls-only delinquent reform school,” but this is not your normal misfit children boarding school story. Far from it actually. The boarding school, Le Edith, is a secret spy school which is currently over-run with guys from Hawthorne Hall that don’t know their dirty little secret.

This story begins with a blog entry from “Spy Girl” explaining the current situation with Le Edith. It’s refreshing to see a unique opening to a story apart from the usual girl-finds-out-she’s-going-to-boarding-school start. It’s the perfect beginning since it tells exactly what’s happening right from the start so the reader isn’t confused and trying to find out what’s happening. Also, the blog post adds a nice perspective on the events. The idea behind the story is uplifting too. It shows us that not only cliché run the site (it’s currently #83 on the adventure what’s hot list and #239 on the humor what’s hot list- not bad for just a “prologue” up).

However brilliant, it does have some minor flaws. Most of it is sentence structure anyway such as “Boarding schools hell bent on straightening these said teenagers” (it doesn’t make sense) and “But now that’s all coming under attack, because of recent lacking of funds Le Edith is under surveillance and may become a public school.” (it sounds better if you separate it into two sentences: …coming under attack. Because of recent lacking of funds…) Also, watch out for double trouble. In the fourth “paragraph,” you said “girl” a lot. Try to re-word it so that so it’s not so repetitive. That’s practically it. Again, just minor mistakes that could be fixed easily. Overall, this is a very good story, or I guess a very good start to a story. (there isn’t much to review) But go check it out cause it’s good read.

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