Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Story Update

Hello! I am here to give you a bit of an update for the collab story that I blogged earlier. It's called Love Conquers All and it's based off of multiple Taylor Swift stories such as You Belong With Me, Love Story, Mary's Song, Innocent, and Tim McGraw. So far, we have uploaded the prologue which is mainly written by me. Here's the little blurb:

Mary and Tyler are next-door neighbors and childhood friends. You know how the story goes: they fall in love and live happily ever after, but that’s not the case. Now, their dads are corporate enemies and they’re not even allowed to talk to each other especially since society keeps them apart. Tyler is the guy of every girl’s dream- smart, sweet and the school’s quarterback. Mary ended up at the bottom of the social pyramid amongst all of the other ‘nerds.’ How will this relationship get even more complicated? Well, Tyler has been framed for cheating on his finals. Now, it’s up to Mary, the only person who actually believes he didn’t, to help him prove his innocence before the championships coming up next week.

My co-writer is currently in the middle of writing the first chapter and we will upload soon. Happy reading!

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