Monday, August 15, 2011

New Story

I am really excited for my new project! As of now, we do not have a name for it, but I am working on it with a wattpad friend, GuitarKissez. It's based on multiple Taylor Swift songs such as You Belong With Me, Love Story, Mary's Song, Innocent, and Tim McGraw. We are posting it on a joint account, DieHardSwifties, which we share with 6 more people. So far, the only story that is posted on that account is Take Me Back written by two of our amazing members, FearlesslySpeakNow and SilentDream. It is based on Taylor Swift's Back to December. It is really good so I suggest taking a look at it. That's it for this post. I'll keep you updated on the story. Happy Reading! :)

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